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happysad MEGA

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happysad LP - Baby Pink & Hot Pink Galaxy
happysad CD
happysad Grey T-Shirt
Boys Can Cry, Girls Can Fight White T-Shirt
happysad Charcoal Pullover Hoodie
Good Morning Koala Pink Coffeee Mug
Honey, Thanks A Lot Tote Bag
happysad Army Dad Hat
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Track List:
1. American Spirit
2. Teenagers
3. Koala
4. Lit Match
5. Better at Being Young
6. Warm Blood
7. Boys Can Cry
8. Distraction
9. Happy
10. Dear Heart

Album release date is July 26th, 2019


Pressing Info:
300 - PN Exclusive - Baby Pink, White & Baby Blue A-Side/B-Side
300 - Indie Retail - Clear w/ Heavy Baby Pink & Baby Blue Splatter
900 - Various - Baby Pink & Hot Pink Galaxy

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